Hey, hello, people! It's that time of the year again when the fresh batch of editors unleashes their intro blog. Despite the previous Editorship trying to persuade us into conjuring up not-so-cringeworthy intros, we shall not succumb to their pressure and present to you an introduction as basic as jam and bread.

I am Anushka Aashvi, the master of all things awkward and a third-year undergrad majoring in Mathematics and Computing. I am a member of the Debating Society and Pravah. When I’m not dodging my study responsibilities or panicking over upcoming exams, I'm the ultimate binge-watcher of the first season or, at times, just the first episode of web series. I might have commitment issues with fictional characters or something. But my impeccable taste in music (or at least that’s what I like to believe) makes up for it. I also like reading novels. I'm particularly drawn to the captivating realm of fictional dystopian realities. It’s not merely a form of escapism cleverly disguised as a genuine appreciation for the wonders of fiction, no Sir! But let's not dwell on my tendency to overshare and reveal too much. It's time to move on to my co-editor Vanshul's intro.

After such an intriguing introduction by Anushka, a bummer awaits you! Well, Kon'nichiwa, you guessed it, the second one is a weeb! I am Vanshul Shikkewal, a sceptic stoic with a distinctive sense of humour that generally gets me in trouble. Apart from my full-time employment as a stormy petrel and a professional procrastinator, I’m also a third-year Mechanical Engineering undergraduate. Rarely will you find me without my headphones on, as I am almost always engrossed in music, lost in the captivating melodies it offers. So, while I enjoy my playlists, I like to read Politics, Philosophy or play Chess or write my introduction for the Intro Blog. Just like any typical Indian, I'm too a sports fanatic, Formula 1 and Cricket being my dearests. I'm intrinsically reticent, so I guess I should stop; well, for such divulging conversations, I prefer 2.2 ;).

After our quite squandering attempt to describe ourselves in an ingenious fashion, we would like to address the eternal question:

What are we?

Who are we?

Why are we?

We proudly serve as the backbone managing the delicate communication between the Institute and the Student Community. As custodians of the Gymkhana Constitution, we ensure its relevance and accuracy, striving to create an inclusive environment for all. But our role extends far beyond that! We have the privilege of organizing captivating literary competitions, igniting the creative writing vibes within the student body. As dedicated members of the Mess Management and Food Management committees, as well as the heads of Illumination Magazine and Annual Gymkhana Magazine, we embrace diverse responsibilities. We keep our ears to the ground, capturing the pulse of the student community and bringing their untapped opinions to the forefront by conducting surveys.

We enjoy exclusive access to the TSG Blog, where we unleash our creativity. So, dear reader, if you ever need a glimpse into the fascinating world of IIT KGP, desire a taste of the collective KGPian experience, or simply crave a hearty dose of nostalgia, turn to us, the Editors. We are here to nurture a unique literary culture and to remind you that in this vast sea of academia, it's the little things that make the journey worth it.

And now, we are thrilled to announce our latest competition under Canvas of Words: "Your College Mixtape"! This exciting event invites you to curate a playlist that captures the essence of your campus life at IIT KGP. Whether you're a fresher embarking on your academic adventure or a senior bidding farewell to cherished memories, this competition provides a wonderful opportunity to showcase the soundtrack of your campus life. Share the iconic tunes that reverberate through the hallways or the soul-soothing melodies that accompany those impromptu 2.2 breaks. We want to hear it all and experience the beautiful harmony that resonates with your time at IIT KGP.

But hold up; this isn't just any regular playlist. We want you to infuse it with your personal touch, vibe, and unique perspective. What songs make you reminisce about the late-night goss sesh at HJB or patting yourself on the back for attending that elusive 8 AM lecture? What tracks perfectly capture the spirit of ranting incessantly about acads ki BT or sneaking away from the clutches of Illu duties? Let your imagination run wild as you craft a musical journey that speaks volumes about your KGPian experience so far.

How to Participate:

  1. Curate your playlist: Create a playlist that reflects your campus life experiences. The playlist should include a minimum of 6 songs. You can use any music streaming platform of your preference. Ensure that the playlist is publicly accessible.

  2. Write-up document: Prepare a document (PDF, Word, or Google Doc) that contains a write-up for each song on your playlist. For each track, share what significance it holds to you and provide a brief description of the memories, experiences, or feelings associated with it. Save your write-ups in a document (PDF, Word, or Google Doc) named "Your Name - Your College Mixtape Write-ups."

  3. Upload your documents: Upload the playlist link and the write-up document on Google Drive. Ensure the document is set to "Anyone with the link can view."

  4. Fill out the Google Form: Access the submission form https://forms.gle/5rx5wqWLijwER1kXA and fill in the required information, including your name, roll number, and the links to your playlist and write-up document.

Please ensure your submission is complete and all links work before submitting the form. The deadline for submissions is 7th August, 2023.

Evaluation and Prizes:

The playlists will be judged on creativity, emotional depth, and the relevance of write-ups. The winner will be awarded a cash prize of 2500 Rs, the first runner-up will receive 1500 Rs, and the second runner-up will get 1000 Rs. Additionally, the top entries will be featured on the TSG Blog.

For any inquiries or further information, please contact us at editorstsg@gmail.com.

Let the rhythm of your college life come alive through Your College Mixtape!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates, competitions, and captivating content that will leave you wanting for more. Until then, let the words flow and the melodies play on!

Yours creatively,

Anushka and Vanshul