Special Mention - Your College Mixtape

Special Mention - Your College Mixtape

~ By Agrim Chaudhury, 21MF3FP41

Hola Kgpians! Nice to be back on campus after what feels almost an eternity and yet, speaking as a 3rd yr student who no longer has the blanket of “sophomore” to act as a shield against harsher, murkier realities, things couldn’t have been more different. The bubble has burst, it seems- What with the CDC season upon us (which I am watching from afar, as an unknowing Dual-degree peep) and for the first time, I feel old enough to actually look back and reflect upon my Kgp journey so far. While I am at it, I might as well make a few quick bucks I guess….. Below is a playlist that best describes my journey here so far- it is messy, full of crests and troughs and emotional upheavals but hey, I am sure it will resonate with some of you at least!

Dooriyan (Love Aaj Kal)

I guess this feeling is reserved exclusively for us students from yesterly Covid years. The dreams that had embraced destiny, the fruit of a 2-year toil- we stood as a wanderer stranded in an ephemeral dance between dreams and reality. Through glass and pixels, I could only glance and long for a glimpse into my haven, which was but an arm's length away, only separated by the glow of my computer screen. The feeling was somewhat similar to being in a long-distance relationship, the yearning of what might be far overpowered what really was (which in itself, was scant). As penned so beautifully by Irshad Kamil, “Yeh dooriyan, in raahon ki dooriyan” struck a chord right there, in all our hearts.

Unwritten (By Natasha Bedingfield)

After an entire year of fervent anticipation, the day arrived when I finally set foot on the hallowed campus. It was as though a blank page stretched before me, eager to absorb the ink of my experiences and dreams. Much like the verses of "Unwritten," the atmosphere was charged with a sense of potential, a symphony of optimism that danced in the air. Every corner held a promise, every building whispered tales of those who had come before. It was a reunion with a place I had envisioned countless times, a reunion filled with poignant joy and a pinch of surrealism. The echoes of the past year's longing seemed to resonate through the pathways, their resonance harmonizing with the hope that now surged within. As we embarked on this fresh chapter of our lives, the lyrics of the song seemed to come alive: "No one else can speak the words on your lips, drench yourself in words unspoken, live your life with arms wide open." As the music of new beginnings played softly in the background, we were ready to compose the verses of our own story.

All Izz Well (3 Idiots)

You really thought I was gonna create a playlist without this one? Like seriously, what's the point of being an Engineering student then? "Aal Izz Well" from 3 Idiots perfectly encapsulates my journey as I settled into the college campus, shouldering the weight of academic pressure, extracurricular demands, and grade expectations. Just like the song's message, I had no option after a while but to embrace challenges with a positive outlook, navigating the madness while seeking moments of calmness and joy. Amidst the chaos, I found solace in reminding myself that "All is well," transforming each hurdle into an opportunity for personal growth. Just as the lyrics suggest, I chanted this mantra, instilling confidence in myself to overcome adversity.

Party All Night (By Honey Singh)

Ok fine, I partied. Really hard. But hey, so did you, I am sure. Isn't that what the Spring Semester is designed for (okay the grades suggest otherwise, but let's conveniently ignore that). Why else would anyone put Spring Fest, Kshitij and Hall Days all in the space of 2 months? My carefree spirit soared to the rhythm of the song, encapsulating the essence of youthful revelry. Embracing the present without fearing tomorrow, I danced and laughed, creating memories that echoed the song's energy. Just like the lyrics, my college days harmonized carelessness and merriment, crafting a vivid tapestry of unforgettable moments.

Besabriyaan (By Armaan Malik)

This one is meant for my CDC friends in particular. After the fun and frolic and carefree carelessness of a sophomore year, the realities of life and the future have come crashing down. It seems a bit weird seeing my friends dress up in Suits and ties and walk with a spring in their step and talk about stipends and relocation bonuses…. Why did we have to grow up so soon? Not too dissimilar to the situation in the movie, the future seems bleak and unpredictable for most currently. So what's the point in getting bogged down unnecessarily? Just place your reins in the hands of God and "go wherever your feet take you". To all my friends (and myself), keep at it- the real fire is burning within all of you (Teri mashaale hain andar tere…)

Senorita (Zindagi na Milegi Dobara)

This one's a personal favourite and I could honestly insert it at any phase of my life. "Senorita" from "Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara" serves as a poignant reminder to all of us of a fleeting yet unforgettable phase, much like the college years. Just as the song captures the essence of carefree joy and adventurous camaraderie, college life embodies a unique blend of freedom, innocence, and youthful exuberance. The melodic chorus of this song urges us to embrace the present with fervor, echoing the sentiment that these cherished days will never return. Amidst the ebbs and flows of academic stress, let's heed the song's call, immersing ourselves in the vibrant tapestry of college existence. As we dance through these chapters, let worries fade and laughter reign, for the journey, is as beautiful as the destination.