Special Mention-A Letter to the Institute

Special Mention-A Letter to the Institute

By Reshma G, 20AE92R13

I, a Research Scholar in her fourth semester having resided in campus for past 10 months surely have abounding emotions which are flowing incessantly through my pen at this very instant. Firstly, being a South Indian & moving thousands of kilometers away from home for first time ever to other part of country to an unknown land, unknown culture and most importantly unknown language was a kind of emotional challenge. IIT is in itself a dream come true. Being in campus as a first timer was like living in a dream world. So I was able to overcome the emotional ordeal being in this awe-inspiring greenery filled bounteous campus. [Struggle]

Though it’s still a short period of stay until now, the journey so far was enthralling. Feels like life is moving at fast forward speed for having experienced various events starting from illumination, department conference, lockdown New-year, inter-department sports, Sarasvati puja which was something entirely new thing for me & being a spiritual person it was nicest feel to have been introduced to this new culture, hall days, hall grand dinners, spring fest, tech fest, celebrity live concerts, influencer’s tech talks, birthdays, night out’s in campus which lasted until next morning, going camping at helipad, making our clan’s adda at the ADDA, leisure with besties at the pond & sup-dup, evening tandoori chai at tikka, early morning workout at TATA sports complex, being first time teachers as TA’s, having some adventures inside campus with dogs, cats, snakes & jackals, bonding with faculties, labmates, batchmates, hallmates, floormates, seniors, juniors, mess workers, cleaning staffs & the BC Roy hospital nurses & doctor’s during days of my leg injury.[Stories]

Then comes the days where online friendship was getting moulded into strong bonds in real unplugged mode. Slowly taking a leap from being covid online batch to getting accustomed to new normal in the offline mode life happened at KGP. [Hopes]

And as my primary success from being a wing representative in hall to department RS representative and now as an elected hall president of largest girl’s residence of KGP I stand here writing my thus far short success journey. [Success]

The voyage till now has been intellectually progressive & a kaleidoscope of emotions. Truth be told I was scared to be away from home for my overthinking mind had deluded me to hampering my research by causing homesickness. However, the passion for research kept me going. [Feelings]

It was indeed an incredible stay here for having come across different language groups from different states & finding harmony in the differences was a thrilling fun experience. Getting hold of cycle rides after ages was another happy thing to have happened. The most agonizing yet holding out against it was the temperatures here. I mean hailing from a place which is well known for its moderate temperature in the country it was absolutely a roller coaster ride for me with these raging ever changing temperatures. Every season is extreme and so was my adaptation to it. Something I realized is how our temperaments changes with the temperatures & for obvious reasons summer temperament was undoubtedly high. [Thoughts]

Seems like everything passed by in a split second, so much life happened, memories added & haven’t missed any opportunities that came forth me. There is nothing gone untouched so far. Waiting to see what more surprises this institute has in stock for me. Too much experiences to have asked for in a short time. [Expectations]

The most important thing not to missed out is the faculty domain, the research facilities and numerous departments with surprise element in it just in the case of PhD in happiness that was a wow feeling when I first heard. The energy of these faculties give us enough motivation to keep thriving in times of despair. [Inspiration]

End of the day, I am left with bunch of memories & lessons. This short stay has been like food for my thoughts. From being pampered kid at home to turning independent & learning self-care I am tuned up to be a responsible adult. In the long journey on this knowledge rich land which has nurtured genius minds for 72 years I wish I would too turn out to be a responsible service oriented citizen as I get doctorate from here. [Lessons]