Winning Entry-A Letter To the Institute

Winning Entry-A Letter To the Institute

-By Debmitra Mukherjee,21CH10021

A/8 Purbadiganta Santoshpur
Jadavpur Kolkata - 700075

20th August 2022

IIT Kharagpur
West Bengal 721302
Subject : For you, with you.

Dearest KGP,

Just twenty days with you and you have become so special, like a home, like a small world around which my life revolves. You are wonderful in your own way.

I know you feel pity for me as you see how I struggle to manage offline
classes, cell, and societies. Am I the only one? You know it all. Despite all
these, I never fail to pause for a moment and behold your beauty - beauty that is beyond words. Flickering lights, sunshine filtering through the trees, the clock tower standing tall and proud, and yet people do not have time to stop and see you for once. How you laugh at me at times when I am curiously searching for someone and you know I took the wrong way. Friend, do you
feel sad for me as you know the boy whom I love would never be mine? Yet,
thank you for providing a glimpse of him every single day, thank you for being
kind. His long hair, his pretty eyes, so close yet so far. Probably you are the
only one who knows how I feel. Well, probably that is a bargain as I walk
through you to Nalanda, praising your beauty every day, unlike the cyclists
who are in a hurry. Is your beauty an illusion? How the empty streets remain
isolated day after day and yet the hangout places overflow with people.
Obviously, you don't understand the disparity, I also don't. Every day you see people, different types of people, some achieving what they want in their life, some regretting their decisions, some running away from problems, some facing them. I wonder what kind of mixed emotions you feel for every person out there. You are home to everyone, but how many actually feel at home in you? Again, you know it all. How many love stories have bloomed and how many have faded, all in you, all with you? How many times have people cried?
But nobody bothers to ask, how many times have you cried kgp? I wonder
how you never sleep, or maybe nobody lets you sleep. Everyone enters
through your gate with high hopes - people change, aspirations change,
priorities change, but you remain the same. I have heard stories about how
eerie it gets to walk through a muddy street amidst trees at night. I smile and wonder how I find pleasure in calmness, how I gaze at the stars and spot constellations, and how I find beauty in everything. Everyone is in a hurry to make something out of their lives that they forget to cherish the present, what they have in front of their eyes now. I sometimes expect you to speak, you watch everyone pouring their hearts out, but nobody wants to know how you feel. You see someone sad, you know the reason, maybe years ago somebody else had the same reason to be sad, maybe you want to help us, maybe you want to show us a sign, yet there is no way. At times like this, I want you to know, that no matter what happens, we are with you, at happy times and sad times, you are not only an institute, you are home to several of us - people who are in need of a friend desperately, people who don't need anyone when they have you. How the dogs have found a home in you, how you never return them without food. Oh, I wonder how blissful you are, yet so selfless.

No matter what I achieve by the end of my college life, no matter what
sacrifices I have to make, no matter what I have to lose, no matter how bonds make and break, you will always have a place in my heart, a place which you have gained quite unknowingly, effortlessly, with your charming skills and your ability to pull everyone close. Stay as you are, friend!

Yours truly,
Debmitra Mukherjee