First Runner Up - Your College Mixtape

First Runner Up - Your College Mixtape

~ By Bhagirathi, 21NA30007

My College Mixtape

For those of you, who do not use Spotify, please please install it. I get that our campus Wi-Fi sometimes doesn't allow it to work, and the ads are painful, but the beautiful suggestion algorithm is unmatched. I wouldn't even know too much about its suggestions though, because I have this psychotic habit of playing a new song a million times on loop till I've completely exhausted every ounce of melody in it and vow to never listen to it again.

PS. A big hug to you, if you just went “That's me too!” And if not, I hope you consider it.

So well, presenting to you the most memorable (or impactful, one way or the other) songs for me in KGP.

Let’s Hurt Tonight (OneRepublic)

It's scary to associate songs with people, because what if someone suggests an amazing amazing song you totally fall in love with, but then there's a feud with the person who pops in your head every time you play your almost-favourite song? I took a risk (and a leap of faith) and allowed it to grow on me. And that was also the beginning of letting myself indulge fully into “The KGP Experience.”

Wavin’ Flag (K’naan)

There's a romanticised aura associated with a song playing loudly on a speaker. And that’s how this song made it to the list on a chilly winter Kshitij night. Now, it instantly reminds me of the orange building TSG is. Most songs in this playlist act as an escape from the hustle. On the contrary, this song is the very core of my KGP and Kshitij imagery.

Anti-Hero (Taylor Swift)

I ended up googling what an anti-hero is and how it's different from a villain. This song became my go-to throughout my time in the library. I am reminded of my newly found love for articles and poems written by people I know (semi-strangers being the title bestowed upon them) and the platform that KGP societies have provided for me to enhance such experiences.

PS. The brutal selection processes for cells, AP- are those in fact anti heroes?

Lower your expectations (Bo Burnham)

This is ALL about the lyrics. I have included some duplicate girl singing it, but the original is Bo Burnham’s. Stand up comedy.

An essential part of the college experience is relationships. This song has it all- what people wish for, and what people usually get. In the most hilarious way possible.

Fix you (Coldplay)

I didn't know about this hypnotic melody by Coldplay until last winter. And it has helped me every time I've felt homesick or just wanted to cry my eyes out. It is important to let it all out at times, and this song is specifically reserved for those occasions and I hope it gets me through the remaining tough times in college too.

Night changes (One Direction)

A distant speaker was blasting off this timeless song on my first trip around the 2.2 round. And a year later, 2.2 has seen me make a bunch of memories and yes, times did change (evolve, I guess) but every time I pass through the part of 2.2 where I heard this song, it still feels like the first time; it still feels like something new. In that sense, a new experience awaits me every time.

Hope you give the songs a listen :)