Breathe Easy: In-Consultation with Counseling Centre

Breathe Easy: In-Consultation with Counseling Centre

Hey there, junta! The looming placements, the sleepless nights, the pressure from all corners. It's not a walk in the park. It's a marathon through a storm. But storms pass, and you emerge stronger on the other side. Let's cut through the sugar-coating and talk real about handling this rollercoaster called placements.

We extend our sincere gratitude to Mr. Vikash Ranjan Jha, an expert in adolescent mental health, for generously sharing his time, expertise, and invaluable insights.

Victims of Setbacks? No, the architects of resilience!

How do we navigate the labyrinth of setbacks and emerge triumphant?

Your skills and knowledge are impervious to theft. Hence, stand firmly behind yourself and embrace the confidence that no one can take these assets away from you.

Success comes in different forms, with no unvarnished definition. Everyone perceives setbacks differently. Some take it closer to heart, and some take it as a part of life. Maintain a clear focus on your own goals. Remember that everyone's journey is unique, and success comes in different forms. Going ahead with realistic expectations is really important, as is understanding that this is not the end of the world. Down the line, in 5-10 years, we will all cherish the fond memories and learnings from here (just like we’re not bothered by our high school grades right now).

Not being a prisoner of conformity but a liberator of our true selves!

How do we shatter the hazy glass of expectations and peer pressure?

Is the external pressure truly external? In many cases, this turns out to be our own creation. Focus on your individual growth and try to keep yourself always engaged, avoiding these self-deteriorating thoughts. The beautiful dessert you see may be salty in taste, so don’t believe everything in the air. Rather limit your access to unwanted nuisances and information.

In an echoing chamber of self-doubt? Let your resolve resonate louder.

How can we reconstruct the edifice of self-belief?

Giraffes can’t juggle. Don’t compare apples with oranges. Someone else’s selection doesn’t make you any less fit. How you define your failure is very important, and generally, our definitions may not be very accurate in a larger context. In essence, not being selected should not be synonymous with personal rejection or inadequacy. It merely signifies that the current circumstances or requirements may not align with your particular set of skills. Concentrate on your own aspirations and filter out any external influences.

Pirouetting through a relentless schedule!

How can one effectively manage a busy schedule without succumbing to overwhelm?

You have to present the best version of yourselves on the doomsday. For this, the best biological rhythm is really important. It is well understood that in such times, a good night's sleep is of least concern to anybody, but consider giving yourself rest in multiple stretches. Ideally, food and sleep remain unnegotiable, but during such dynamic times it isn’t possible, but cut yourself some slack here and there. Eat healthy food as a healthy gut is essential for a healthy brain!

Tuning our ears to the melodies of silence!

How can we become weavers of empathy? Weaving threads of need into a tapestry of support.

The first note in this symphony of empathy is the identification of subtle signals indicating a need for help. The contrast in behaviour serves as an alarm, signalling that something may be amiss. Additionally, skipping meals or neglecting personal grooming are poignant signs that should not be ignored.

When approaching a friend in need, it's crucial to navigate delicately. If they are avoiding certain topics, refrain from pressing on those sensitive chords. Recognize that this may not be the time for motivational speeches. Sometimes, silence is a more powerful companion. Avoid poking and prodding, opting instead to simply be present, providing a comforting presence amid the quiet.

Interviewed and written by: Anushka Aashvi and Vanshul Shikkewal

We would like to thank the General Secretary, Students’ Welfare, JSR Sujit, and the Scholastic and Literary Secretary, Harshit Pathak, for their assistance.

Message from the Editors:

Dear Readers,

Stressing during placements is as normal as sipping coffee in the morning. It's okay to feel the pressure. It means you care. Acknowledge the stress, embrace it, and then show it who's boss. Placements are no walk in the park. There will be rejections, tough questions, and moments when you doubt everything. Accept that, and then decide you're going to conquer it anyway.

Realize that your worth extends far beyond a job title. Rejections don't define you; they refine you. Your skills, passion, and grit go beyond a company's decision. Late nights and early mornings might become your buddies. But here's the catch – find moments to rest. Power naps, and deep breaths – they're your secret weapons. This is YOUR journey, not a comparison game. Ignore the noise. Your journey is unfolding, and it is unique. Own it, with all its bumps and victories.

Fuel your body with the sustenance it needs. Throw in a vegetable or two when you can. Your body is your machine. Give it some decent fuel. Also, remind yourself – future you are going to look back and appreciate this grind. The toughness and the resilience you're building now will pay dividends. This is an investment in your future self.

Amid the chaos, take a breather – you're not a robot. Breaks, walks, and moments of rejuvenation are not luxuries. They are essential for maintaining the fire within you. Remember that this is your journey, and you deserve every success it brings.

In the chaos of placements, remember this – you're not alone. It's messy, it's stressful, but it's also a temporary storm. You're not defined by your challenges. You're defined by how you face them. So, grab that umbrella, dance in the rain, and let the storm know you're not backing down. You've got this!

Wishing you strength and success,

Anushka Aashvi and Vanshul Shikkewal