After hours of brooding on white -blank-pages that are supposed to talk about our interesting (or not-so-interesting ) lives, it dawned upon us that writing a self-introduction is more excruciating than the pain of attending an 8 a.m. offline class. And, it is undoubtedly more dreadful than switching from online to offline exams.

Yet post much deliberation and hesitation, we finally mustered enough motivation to pen down the customary Editor's Introduction.

Hello everyone!

I'm Akansha Agarwal, a third-year undergraduate of the Manufacturing Science and Engineering branch. Currently, I am struggling to manage sleep and the newly discovered trauma of offline classes, only to lament about them all at the end of the day. In my free time, I get my beer and skittles from binging on insta reels(a guilty pleasure!) or reading a book. Unarguably not the most enticing life to read about. But I am sure my co-editor Nidam would spill some interesting beans!

I'm Nidam Kumar Jha, a third-year undergraduate of the Department of Architecture and Regional Planning. Being a skeptical Sagittarius, who is not a staunch believer in astrology, I derive my cosmic energy from knowing that I can make a meaningful and positive impact on the lives of others. I find a particular interest in the following geo-politics. So now you can deduce why I have consecutively pursued roles in Gymkhana! Jokes apart, I avidly follow cricket, enjoy listening to evergreen Bollywood songs, and engaging in discussions (debates?!) over exciting topics.

Without spending more time on self-obsessed introductions, let's address the questions that bugged us for a long time when we were in your shoes.

The Editorship was incepted in the academic year 2017-2018. Since then, the Editors have been an integral part of TSG and have worked dedicatedly behind the scenes to ensure smooth communication between the Institute and the student body. We are Heads of the annual Illumination and Gymkhana magazines and part of the Mess Management and Food Management committees. On top of this, we enjoy exclusive access to the TSG blog with the liberty to exhibit our creative writing skills while indulging in immersive content.

Having said that, we endeavor to put forth untapped opinions and drive relevant and relatable conversations. For this, we identify TSG Blog as an apt platform to maneuver - all talks about IIT KGP and KGPians - encompassing diversified content for effectively increasing involvement within the student community. Amongst our other imperative duties, as Editors, we entitled ourselves to the responsibilities of nurturing a unique literary culture for our fellow KGPians.

While reckoning pensively on what could be the topic we all can relate to, we both ended up being nostalgic about the time we spent envisaging going to campus during our first and second years ( CoVID Batch you know!). In a sudden epiphany, we struck the chord that united us all -The Campus of IIT KGP.

Long strolls on 2.2 or munching late at night at HJB, from secretive confessions to numerous dejections - the institute has been a silent and supportive bystander for all. Then why not pen down this implicit relationship in a heartfelt note as a keepsake of our journey here? And this led to the ideation of “A Letter to the Institute”. In these times of quick ,impersonal WA broadcast messages, we wish all of us to take some time out and explore this conventional art of communication while presenting an ode to our institute. You can upload your submissions on the following google form by 20th August, 2022 11:59:59 P.M.

Link :

So on a parting note ………

..wait ,wait there is more!

With the advent of this ,we are elated to invite you all to Canvas of Words- an ensemble of interesting literary events to encourage all the creative minds to grab their writing brushes, dip them in the colors of imagination and paint a beautiful composition of thoughts. So ,stay tuned and keep following as we will be back with some exciting news soon!

Signing off,

Akansha and Nidam

Special thanks to our ex-Editorship for meme inspiration :)