Greetings from the Editors of IIT Kharagpur!!

We know that communication is a two-way link and is of the utmost importance for the smooth functioning of any organisation. Not just between the student community and the administration, but also amongst ourselves, and it can be all too easy to forget that we’re people who have opinions and feelings when we’re bogged down under a ton of assignments and tests.

Which is why we think that facilitating greater communication and engagement within the student community must be at the cornerstone of the office of the editor. And that led to the inception of the Technology Students' Gymkhana Blog!

We encourage all KGPians to engage with the written word to share their thoughts, opinions and, experiences with respect to any and every subject. This is a platform you can use to share your impactful work with the rest of the community.

Looking forward to your engagement !!

-Editors, TSG